Astrological Predictions On The Durations Of Your Legal Case?

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A court case can be emotionally stressful which leads people and even families to several sleepless nights and uncertainties of the outcome. Once you reach the court, it sometimes calls for multiple rounds of court hearing that one has to deal with. On every hearing, one has to be drained physically, emotionally, financially because it requires paying a fee to an attorney, sitting in court for your turn, and thinking continuously about what would happen. In such a scenario, the astrological prediction on the duration of your legal case can work like a balm on the wounds.

Yes! You heard it right. With court case astrology, you can get to know about the duration of your court case along with several other aspects related to the legal dispute you struggle with.

In this article, we cover how a good astrologer predicts about a court case or legal issue reflecting in the Kundali. We will highlight various Yoga, placements of planetary bodies, and impacting houses in Kundali which are responsible for putting a native to fight in a legal battle. If you are also dealing with a court case, then knowing analysis on astrological case duration can help you with some relief.

What are different aspects come into play for horoscope analysis for case duration –

Although, it is a fact that a good astrologer can predict court case duration or when a native gets free from the legal battle he/she is struggling with. But, to study a Kundali in the right way, it is mandatory to seek out assistance from a qualified astrologer only. The one who is expert in Vedic Astrology or specifically in legal astrology can justify outcomes you might be expecting. Moreover, a good astrologer provides complete voice report for court case based analysis to satisfy all queries you raise.

Let’s talk about those aspects which are considered in court case duration astrology –

6th House and Its Lord In Kundali — The condition of 6th house in Kundali matters a lot when predicting a legal battle for a native. A good astrologer reviews this house and the condition of its lord as well. Basically, the 6th house in Kundali governs this subject including litigation, legal issues in life and all sorts of legal disputes. If your Kundali reflects the strong condition of the 6th house and its lord, it implies a quick solution to your court case with positive outcomes. Therefore, the prediction of court case duration in such Kundali will be of shorter battle. On the contrary, the Kundali where 6th house has malefic influences, indicates a long legal battle with several obstacles and end-result not to be in your favour.

Mars & Saturn placement in Kundali — While predicting court case duration, the astrologers check the condition of Mars and Saturn planets. As both of these planets are related to disputes, legal issues and conflicts in native’s life, consideration of their placement allows a concrete prediction for an astrologer. From timing or duration of a case to obstacles you might face during this period, everything can be predicted based on the placement of Mars and Saturn in your Kundali.

A well-placed and strong Mars indicates determination, swift action and positivity which would reflect in the case proceedings as well. But, the malefic effect of Mars and Saturn leads to complications, prolonged litigation and uncertain delays.

Antardasha & Mahadasha periods to be taken into consideration to predict court case duration –

If the planets of the 6th house in your Kundali are facing Mahadasha or Antardasha periods, it indicates a long legal battle to be faced by the native. Favourable time in Dasha of the benefic planets brings good opportunities like out of the court settlement and quick resolution of the case. That means, the shorter duration of the court case. On the contrary, the complex periods of Dasha for afflicted lords of the 6th house indicate long legal proceedings and unwanted stress and obstacles.

Planetary transits in Kundali effects court case of the native –

The planetary movements through various transit phases also give an insight to the timing of a court case to the astrologer. When you consult a good astrologer who is qualified in Vedic astrology, you will find a complete analysis with an online report for court case based on your Kundali. The detailed analysis will showcase how planetary transit is happening in your Kundali and as its effect, how your court case is going to be influenced. Here, it is important to understand that favourable transit of planets around benefit planets signifies for settlement or positive resolution with shorter cases. But, unfavourable transit reflects long delays in the solution of your legal issue.

Seventh house in Kundali — To predict when your court case will come to its conclusion, the 7th house condition is also being reviewed by an astrologer. As this house represents opponents, litigation and legal adversities related to the Kundali, reviewing this house can help give accurate predictions on the verdict and resolution of a court case.

Conclusion –

Thus, we can conclude that in astrology, the duration of court cases is influenced by a variety of factors which include the strength of the sixth house, planetary positions, dasha periods, and transits. By analysing these astrological elements, an astrologer gains valuable insights into the timing and duration of legal battles and helps a person dealing with such a legal dispute to get rid of it timely.

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